Retaking edTPA

Options. Candidates who do not meet their educator preparation program or state requirement may retake the assessment by choosing one the following options:

  • retaking the full assessment: $300 retake fee
  • retaking 3 tasks (Elementary Education: Literacy with Mathematics Task 4 and Elementary Education: Mathematics with Literacy Task 4 only): $300 retake fee
  • retaking 2 tasks: $200 retake fee
  • retaking a single task: $100 retake fee

Candidates should consult with their advisor before proceeding with a retake and can find important information in Guidelines for edTPA Retake Decision-making and Support .

Before registering, candidates should review the Instructions for edTPA Retake . This guide contains important registration and submission information.

Retake limits. While there is no national limit to the number of retakes possible, there may be state- or educator preparation program-level limits on retakes. Review the edTPA guidelines for your state for additional information about retakes, if available.

A candidate can register for only one retake at a time (either full-assessment retake or partial retake). Candidates must wait to receive scores from their last submission before they can register for another retake.

Score void. If edTPA scores were voided as a final determination of the administrative review process, a candidate will submit a full assessment retake to receive scores for the fulfillment of program and/or state requirements. Review the guidance provided in the Instructions for edTPA Retake .

Registration. To register to retake edTPA, go to the Candidates / Register page and follow the instructions provided.

Submission and Reporting Dates

Review the edTPA submission and reporting dates.

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