Assessment Process Overview


  1. Access the required assessment handbooks and templates provided by your educator preparation program. You may also be able to download these materials in the portfolio system you use. See Completing the Assessment.
  2. Review the submission and reporting dates, if you need to plan for your submission date based on receipt of assessment results.
  3. Register on this site.
  4. Draft and edit assessment materials for submission. See Completing the Assessment.
    • Remember that you must be online to upload and submit your completed assessment materials. However, you may download templates to your laptop or workstation for drafting and editing your written materials. Similarly, your video clips should be viewed and prepared locally before uploading.
  5. Build your portfolio in the system used at your educator preparation program. See Completing the Assessment.
  6. Submit your completed assessment for scoring. See Submitting the Assessment.

Educator Preparation Programs

  1. Determine the recommended process for candidates to create and submit their portfolios, based on the portfolio system(s) in use on your campus. See Completing the Assessment for a list of system options.
  2. Publish the recommended process and overview information for all candidates who will participate.

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