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Requesting Alternative Arrangements due to a Virtual Learning Environment

The edTPA program has a "Virtual Learning Environment" option available to candidates who prepare and provide instruction to students in virtual environments. This option is currently accessed through an alternative arrangements process. We recognize that with considerations around COVID-19, candidates may now be providing instruction in a virtual environment and wish to explore this option for their edTPA submission. EPPs (through edTPA Program Coordinators) that believe this option is viable for their candidates must certify that the edTPA candidate named on the request is completing his/her edTPA assessment in a teaching environment that prohibits the candidate's ability to fulfill the standard artifacts and evidence requirement.

Alternative Evidence Requirements and Guidance

Teaching within a Virtual Learning Environment requires an alternative arrangement to edTPA in order for the candidate to demonstrate their ability to provide subject-matter instruction to their students. The guidance provided in the document Guidance for edTPA in an Alternative Arrangement: Virtual Learning Environment PDF and on the request form includes information on alternative evidence necessary for this option. The guidance outlines the flexibility in the technical formats allowed and explains how the candidate will submit equivalent forms of evidence to meet all edTPA Handbook instructions and requirements. In addition, please review the subject-specific considerations for preparing edTPA in a virtual learning environment.

As with all alternative arrangements, it is important that candidates submit edTPA materials that meet the technical specifications within the edTPA Submission Requirements and Condition Codes and the applicable edTPA Handbook. In a Virtual Learning Environment, the platform that candidates may be using to provide instruction may generate file types that do not match the required file formats for submission. In that case, alternative data collection procedures are available. Such alternative procedures are only applicable where standard artifacts and evidence are unable to be provided due to the platform capabilities, and/or the platform prevents other artifacts from being collected and submitted in the technical format specified with the handbook.

Process for Submitting Alternative Arrangement Requests

Candidates must complete the following steps to request alternative arrangements due to a virtual learning environment:

  1. Review your request with the edTPA Program Coordinator* at your institution. The edTPA Program Coordinator must certify that you are completing your edTPA assessment in a teaching environment that prohibits your ability to fulfill the standard artifacts and evidence requirements.
  2. Download the Request FormPDF and complete all required sections.
  3. Ensure that your edTPA Program Coordinator* has signed off on your completed form.
  4. Ensure that your edTPA Program Coordinator* submits the completed form via email to (For the purpose of verifying the placement, the form should be emailed by the edTPA Program Coordinator*.) You will be contacted with the resolution of your request within two business days of your submission.

*For cadidates unaffiliated with an educator preparation program, this form may be signed and submitted by a building-level administrator.