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Requesting Alternative Arrangements due to a Virtual Classroom Setting

Teacher candidates providing instruction within a virtual classroom environment may encounter situations that inhibit their ability to submit edTPA materials that meet the technical specifications for artifacts, as outlined within the edTPA Submission Requirements and Condition Codes and the applicable edTPA handbook. The platform they are using to teach may generate evidence file types that do not match the required file formats for submission.

In that case, alternative data collection procedures that the candidate can follow to document and submit evidence may be available. These alternative procedures are only available to candidates in virtual classroom settings where the standard video recording format is unable to be provided due to the functional platform, and/or the platform prevents other artifacts from being collected and submitted in the technical format specified with the handbook. This does NOT include settings in districts that prefer not to allow video recording in their classrooms.

If candidates are placed in one of these virtual settings, first determine if the platform will permit video recording of instruction and collection of other artifacts, such as work samples, following the guidelines provided in the edTPA Submission Requirements and Condition Codes . If the candidates are unable to meet those technical specifications, please notify Pearson EPP Support as early as possible in their placement by completing the Request Form, so their case can be reviewed.

If Pearson EPP Support determines that alternative arrangements are permissible, the candidate will receive detailed submission procedures in order to complete edTPA. Please note that these alternative procedures are applicable only to candidates who have sent a Request Form to Pearson in advance, and received Pearson confirmation along with specific submission instructions.

In addition, these accommodations allow flexibility in technical format, but still require the candidate to submit equivalent forms of evidence that meet all other edTPA Handbook instructions and parameters. For instance, alternative file types submitted in lieu of a standard video must still demonstrate all of the required elements measured within Task 2.

As part of the Request Form, candidates must also note whether they can capture a visual image of themselves teaching within the alternate format/virtual platform. If the candidate cannot be visibly seen (e.g., through a video component of the platform or a screenshot), the placement supervisor must verify that the candidate taught the submitted learning segment.

To receive a request form and additional information, please contact edTPA Support for Educator Preparation Programs at