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Requesting an Alternative to Video Evidence

A video recording is the most authentic evidence of a candidate's instruction. However, there are some settings where video recording is prohibited because of safety and security concerns. These settings are:

  • Psychiatric facilities
  • Juvenile correctional facilities or court schools
  • Military base classrooms
  • Hospitals

For these settings, alternatives to video recording have been identified. These alternative procedures are only available to candidates in settings where video recording poses safety or security concerns that cause the institution to prohibit video recording. This does NOT include settings in districts that prefer to not allow video recording in their classrooms.

If the placement institution does not permit video recording, alternative forms of evidence include audio recording or a written transcript. The edTPA Coordinator should notify edTPA Support Coordinators for Educator Preparation Programs as early as possible in the candidate's placement, to 1) receive and complete the Request Form with the candidate and 2) receive detailed submission procedures. Only candidates with completed and confirmed Request Forms may submit alternative forms of evidence.

To receive a request form and additional information, edTPA Coordinators should contact edTPA Support Coordinators for Educator Preparation Programs at