edTPA Support for Unaffiliated Candidates Webinar Series: A Guide to Completing edTPA

These webinars are designed for teacher candidates who are completing edTPA. The intended audience for the webinar series is for teacher candidates who are not affiliated with an educator preparation program.

In each of these 60-minute webinars, unaffiliated teacher candidates will receive guidance from how to register for edTPA to how to use key resources when completing edTPA. See a brief description below for each webinar in the webinar series.

  1. The first webinar, Getting Started with edTPA, will provide information on how to register, access key resources, prepare the portfolio, examine how to complete edTPA in various contexts (e.g., face-to-face, virtual), and access scores.
  2. The second webinar, Handbook Walkthrough, will unpack each edTPA Task (e.g., Task 1: Planning for Instruction and Assessment) through the lens of what candidates should be thinking about and doing to complete edTPA.
  3. The third webinar, Using Essential Supplemental Resources, will provide an overview of several supplemental resources and materials to support candidates in completing edTPA.

Candidates must be registered for edTPA to access the assessment materials (e.g., edTPA Handbook, templates, URLP, Academic Language Handout) that are used to complete edTPA and will be reviewed during these webinars. Registration can be completed at edTPA.com.

The dates, topics, times, and registration information are listed below. Upon registering for the webinar series, candidates will receive information for how to join the webinar series. NOTE: The topics in the webinar series will be offered once a month. Candidates should identify the week in which to join the webinar series that corresponds to when they will begin working on their edTPA portfolio.

How to Join

  1. Register for one of the webinar series using the links below.
  2. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to join the webinar. Be sure to save that link as it is the link you will use to join each session.

Available Sessions

Dates and Webinar Series Topics 4:00 PM PT, 7:00 PM ET
Fall webinars are currently being scheduled

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