Frequently Asked Questions for Preparation Programs

The edTPA Coordinator is the central point of contact for receiving information about edTPA (edTPA assessment materials, handbooks, rubrics, distribution instructions, etc.). The edTPA Coordinator may be a faculty member, program coordinator, associate dean, or other person who maintains regular communication and works closely with clinical supervisors, cooperating teachers and others who will support candidates to complete edTPA.
The edTPA Score Report Contact will receive all candidate score results and data feeds via a secure reporting site.
For educator preparation programs using the faculty feedback feature of the Pearson ePortfolio system, the Administrator will have access and authority to indicate which program faculty will be designated as formative reviewers of candidate portfolios.
You can use the Manage Institution Users tool to assign an Admin role to the individual who is designated as a backup. Follow the instructions in Using the Manage Institution Users Tool .

A Candidate Status report is available on the secure score reporting site. This report lists registration and submission activity for all candidates who have indicated affiliation with your educator preparation program during registration for edTPA on the Pearson system since 9/3/14. The program's Score Report Contact is provided login credentials for the site. If you are unsure who the Score Report Contact is for your program, please contact your program's edTPA Coordinator or Pearson Customer Support at 1-866-565-4872.

edTPA score reports will be sent to the contact identified as the Score Report Contact at the program. If you are unsure who the Score Report Contact is for your program, please contact Customer Support for further information.

You may review score report dates for all edTPA assessments; see edTPA submission and reporting dates. Additional information about report layouts is available.

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