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2019 edTPA Handbooks

Candidates are able to access the 2019 handbooks in the Pearson ePortfolio system or other integrated platform provider systems.

Handbook Changes

There are only minor changes to address previously identified and published errata for the national and Washington assessment materials. There are no other generic changes to the assessment materials for this year.

Which Handbook Should I Use?

In general, candidates should use the assessment materials that are currently available in their edTPA portfolio system (provided by the program,, or their ePortfolio platform provider).

  • Candidates who have already made significant progress building their edTPA portfolios with the previous year's handbooks and templates may continue to use and submit that version.
  • Starting in September 2019, candidates building their edTPA portfolios for 2019–2020 submission must use the assessment materials for their subject area. Candidates are advised to review the list of handbook changes for 2019, which is available online where handbooks are posted.