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edTPA for Washington


UPDATE: In response to the school closures in the state of Washington, the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) has filed emergency rules link opens in a new window allowing teachers to be eligible for an emergency certificate. Please review the information provided on the WA PESB website link opens in a new window for detailed guidance on the policy change.

Review the edTPA page on the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board website link opens in a new window.

Requesting Alternative Arrangements due to a Diagnosed Disability

The WA PESB is committed to providing equal access to its services and programs to individuals with disabilities. Accordingly, in providing its services, either directly or through contractual arrangements, PESB will ensure that individuals with disabilities are provided with an opportunity to participate in or benefit from the aid, benefit, or service that is equal to that afforded others.

To ensure equal access, PESB will ensure that requests for accommodation are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and that, based on an individualized analysis, reasonable modifications in policies, practices, or procedures are provided when the modifications are necessary to avoid discrimination on the basis of disability, unless PESB can demonstrate that making the modification would fundamentally alter the nature of the service, program, or activity.

Sarah Albertson, OSPI Managing Attorney, Equity and Civil Rights, serves as the PESB ADA compliance officer. Find procedures for filing a complaintopens in a new window that a program, service, or activity of PESB is not accessible to persons with disabilities. Complaints should be directed to the OSPI Office of Equity and Civil Rights at:

OSPI Office of Equity and Civil Rights
P.O. Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200
360-725-6162/TTY: 360-664-3631

For more information on Requesting Alternate Arrangements due to a Diagnosed Disability, please contact Pearson Customer Support through the email communication form available under the "For Candidate Support" option of the Contact Us page of

Passing Scores for Washington

edTPA passing scores for Washington were approved by the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB).

At the November 2019 board meeting, members from the Professional Educator Standards Board approved eliminating the Student Voice rubrics from edTPA, effective Fall 2020. Candidates will need to select the national version of the assessment and meet the current passing standard based on scores received for Tasks 1, 2, and 3, as noted in the table below.

edTPA Assessment Area Washington Total Score Passing Standard*
  • Agricultural Education (National)
  • Classical Languages (National)
  • Early Childhood (National)
  • Elementary Literacy (National)
  • Elementary Mathematics (National)
  • Family and Consumer Sciences (National)
  • Health Education (National)
  • K–12 Performing Arts (National)
  • Middle Childhood English-Language Arts (National)
  • Middle Childhood Mathematics (National)
  • Middle Childhood Science (National)
  • Middle Childhood History/Social Studies (National)
  • Physical Education (National)
  • Secondary English-Language Arts (National)
  • Secondary History/Social Studies (National)
  • Secondary Mathematics (National)
  • Secondary Science (National)
  • Special Education (National)
  • Visual Arts (National)

40 Points out of 75

* Student Voice will no longer be required beginning with the 2020–2021 program year.

  • Classical Languages (National)
  • World Language (National)

34 Points out of 65

* Student Voice will no longer be required beginning with the 2020–2021 program year.

For edTPA assessment areas not listed above, the PESB has not yet adopted the areas as consequential and there is no state passing standard. Washington candidates will continue to submit portfolios in all areas so assessments may be officially scored. Programs will determine if candidates participating in low-incidence areas have satisfactorily met the assessment requirement for program completion. These areas include:

  • Business Education
  • English as an Additional Language
  • School Librarian/Library Specialist
  • Technology and Engineering Education

When recommending candidates for certifications in these areas, programs will need to consider candidate performance without a PESB-set passing score. The PESB will review additional data for WA participation in these low-incidence areas before holding candidates to a passing standard.

Timeline for Washington PESB Approved Passing Scores

Timeline During the 2017–2020 edTPA Program Years Beginning with the 2020–2021 edTPA Program Year (Fall 2020)
Submission Dates Submissions between September 28, 2017–August 6 2020 Submissions after August 20, 2020, which marks the final 2019–2020 program year submission deadline
Score Reporting Dates Score reporting dates between October 19, 2017–September 10, 2020 First score reporting date of the 2020–2021 program year (following the final 2019–2020 program year reporting date of September 10, 2020)
edTPA Passing Score 40
(34 for World/Classical Languages)
(34 for World/Classical Languages)

*Note the exact date is TBD at this time.

Your handbook selection should be aligned with your clinical experience. Please call or contact your state office of educator licensing for specific details.

State of Washington Professional Educator Standards Board link opens in a new window

For additional information regarding edTPA state policies, please review AACTE's state participation information. link opens in a new window