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edTPA for Tennessee

Assessment Areas for Tennessee

The table below reflects the TN established qualifying scores for the edTPA handbooks. To review current TN state policy on utilizing edTPA results in lieu of the PLT assessment, please visit the TN edTPA Policy PDF document.

Note: Candidates should confirm their assessment selection with their faculty advisor before registering.

edTPA Handbook Qualifying Score through December 31, 2018 Qualifying Score beginning January 1, 2019
Agricultural Education 37 42
Business Education 37 42
Classical Languages 32 36
Early Childhood 37 42
Elementary Education (contains both Elementary Literacy and Elementary Mathematics components) 44 50
Elementary Literacy 37 42
Elementary Mathematics 37 42
English as an Additional Language 37 42
Family and Consumer Sciences 37 42
Health Education 37 42
K-12 Performing Arts 37 42
Library Specialist 37 42
Literacy Specialist 37 42
Middle Childhood English-Language Arts 37 42
Middle Childhood History/Social Studies 37 42
Middle Childhood Mathematics 37 42
Middle Childhood Science 37 42
Physical Education 37 42
Secondary English-Language Arts 37 42
Secondary History/Social Studies 37 42
Secondary Mathematics 37 42
Secondary Science 37 42
Special Education 37 42
Technology and Engineering Education 37 42
Visual Arts 37 42
World Language 32 36

Passing Scores for Tennessee

The Tennessee State Board of Education has adopted a preliminary edTPA passing standard based on the edTPA Recommended Professional Performance Standard minus a full standard error of measurement as the passing standard for candidates utilizing their edTPA performance to satisfy the TN pedagogical assessment requirement. These qualifying scores are effective through 12/31/2018.

13-Rubric Handbooks 32
15-Rubric Handbooks 37
18-Rubric Handbooks 44

Beginning January 1, 2019, initial license applicants are required to submit qualifying scores on the appropriate edTPA performance-based, subject-specific assessment. The qualifying scores are listed below:

13-Rubric Handbooks 36
15-Rubric Handbooks 42
18-Rubric Handbooks 50

If you have additional questions about using the edTPA for educator licensure in TN, please review the TDOE Office of Educator Licensing PDF document site for contact information.

Tennessee Department of Education link opens in a new window

For additional information regarding edTPA state policies, please review AACTE's state participation information. link opens in a new window