edTPA for Connecticut

Effective September 1, 2019, a passing score will be required for initial licensure teacher candidates completing SBE-approved preparation programs. The initial edTPA passing scores are shown below for all certification areas. Each Connecticut cut score represents one Standard Error of Measurement (SEM) below the national recommended professional performance standard. The Connecticut Department of Education will monitor implementation of edTPA and review candidate performance data annually to determine if adjustments to cut scores are warranted in the future.

Retroactive to July 1, 2022, edTPA shall be used as an accountability tool for teacher preparation programs. The results shall not be used by the CSDE to deny issuance of an Initial Educator Certificate to a candidate who has been institutionally recommended for certification. Although edTPA will not be used to deny an institutionally recommended applicant issuance of a certificate, candidates must receive a final score and status on the preservice performance assessment from Pearson. Please see the Certification Alert link opens in a new window for further details.


For more information about teacher licensure within Connecticut, please visit the CSDE Bureau of Certification link opens in a new window site.

If you have additional questions about edTPA for Connecticut teacher candidates, please contact Dr. Lauren Tafrate at Lauren.Tafrate@ct.gov or 860-713-6841.

Your handbook selection should be aligned with your clinical experience. Please call or contact your state office of educator licensing for specific details.

For additional information regarding edTPA state policies, please review state participation information at edtpa.org link opens in a new window.

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