edTPA for Arkansas

Effective March 10, 2016, Arkansas educator preparation programs may request and be granted approval from the Arkansas Department of Education to implement edTPA within their programs. Teacher candidates affiliated with the state approved programs may use edTPA in lieu of the Principles of Learning and Teaching or the World Language Pedagogy pedagogical assessments required for licensure.

For more information on teacher licensing in Arkansas, please visit the
Arkansas State Department of Education link opens in a new window.


Please check with your faculty advisor at your educator preparation program to select the appropriate edTPA assessment for your credential program.


Please check with your educator preparation program's edTPA Coordinator to determine the appropriate edTPA assessment handbooks to use for your credential programs.

Educator Preparation Programs

Please check with your edTPA State Lead or State Education Agency contact, responsible for educator preparation program approval/credentialing, for the recommended use for the state.

Visit edtpa.aacte.org link opens in a new window for handbooks, the Resource Library, and Online Community.

Your handbook selection should be aligned with your clinical experience. Please call or contact your state office of educator licensing for specific details.

Arkansas Department of Education link opens in a new window

For additional information regarding edTPA state policies, please review AACTE's state participation information. link opens in a new window

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