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Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

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Accessing the Pearson ePortfolio System

As a faculty member, where can I find handbooks, templates, and instructions?
Faculty members of edTPA member educator preparation programs may obtain edTPA assessment materials from the Resource Library on the edTPA member site, Link opens in a new window.. If you need assistance with this process, please contact your program's edTPA Coordinator.
I created an account and am looking to provide feedback on a student's portfolio materials. How do I access this area of the website?

In order to provide feedback on candidate edTPA materials, you must be invited to access the formative feedback system by the edTPA Administrator at your educator preparation program. Please contact the edTPA Administrator or your program's on-site edTPA Coordinator for more information about providing formative feedback through the Pearson ePortfolio system.

Refer to edTPA Guidelines for Acceptable Candidate Support PDF document, developed by SCALE, for information on acceptable forms of feedback.

I've been invited to join as a Faculty Reviewer. How do I access the Pearson ePortfolio system?
Click on the link provided in the email invitation to become a Faculty Reviewer. On the sign-in screen, you must follow the instructions provided in order to create an account if you have not already done so.

Providing Feedback

I received an email message from "" stating that a candidate has requested my feedback. What should I do?
Open the email and click on the link provided to go the Pearson ePortfolio system. If you are not already signed in, sign in to the system and follow the online instructions. Please see the Providing Feedback on Documents and Providing Feedback on Video and Audio Files video tutorials, available on the Faculty Resources page, for instructions on the online feedback process.
What kind of feedback is appropriate to provide to candidates?
Refer to edTPA Guidelines for Acceptable Candidate Support , developed by SCALE, for information on acceptable forms of feedback.
Can I enter my feedback directly into the candidate's files?
No. When you open the feedback request message, click on the document name and enter your feedback in the text window provided.
How do I enter feedback for a video or audio file?
When you open the feedback request, click on the filename. A system player will open. Use the controls to play the file. When you are ready to enter feedback, pause the player, click the Add Annotation button, type your feedback in the Compose Annotation window, then click Save. Please see the Providing Feedback on Video and Audio Files video tutorial, available on the Faculty Resources page, for more information.
I need to provide feedback on a candidate's video, but when I click on the filename nothing displays/only a gray box displays. What does this mean?

This error indicates the Adobe Flash Player is not installed in your web browser, or needs to be updated. You may install or update Adobe Flash Player at Link opens in a new window.

Mac Users: Please refer to Tips for Mac Users for additional information about known errors that may be experienced previewing files in the Pearson ePortfolio system.

While I was working on a feedback response, the Pearson ePortfolio system timed out, and I had to sign in again. Why does this happen?
While working on feedback, click on the Save Feedback as Draft button at least every 20 minutes to prevent system timeouts which may cause you to lose your work. The Pearson ePortfolio system timeout is set to protect the privacy of the assessment material if a computer is left unattended. The system will prompt you before timing out, and give you an opportunity to save your work.
Is there a deadline for providing feedback?
Check with the candidates and with your educator preparation program's edTPA Coordinator for information on specific submission deadlines to meet program requirements. Once a candidate has submitted a portfolio for scoring, faculty reviewers will no longer have access to the portfolio to provide feedback.
Some of my candidates submitted their portfolios for scoring before I could review their materials and/or provide feedback. How do I review their files now?

During submission, candidates must agree to the following statement, "If you have participated in the formative feedback process with faculty reviewers, your faculty reviewers will no longer be able to send feedback through the Message Center."

As stated, once a portfolio has been submitted for scoring these files will no longer be available to view through the Pearson ePortfolio system and faculty reviewers will be unable to provide feedback to a candidate. Candidates are encouraged to save copies of their own work.

Candidate Submission and Score Information

How can I confirm a student has submitted their portfolio for scoring?

A Candidate Status report is available on the secure score reporting site. This report lists registration and submission activity for all candidates who have indicated affiliation with your educator preparation program during registration for edTPA on the Pearson system since 9/3/14. The program's Score Report Contact is provided login credentials for the site. If you are unsure who the Score Report Contact is for your program, please contact your program's edTPA Coordinator or Pearson Customer Support at 1-866-565-4872.

Will I be able to view candidate files in the system after the candidate has submitted them for scoring?
After a candidate has submitted an assessment portfolio for scoring, any faculty reviewer who previously received a request for feedback will no longer be able to provide feedback to the candidate. The faculty reviewer will be able to view their prior feedback and the candidate's final portfolio up until the candidate submits the portfolio for scoring.
When will I receive score information for my program?

edTPA score reports will be sent to the contact identified as the Score Report Contact for the program. If you are unsure who the Score Report Contact is for your program, please contact your program's edTPA Coordinator.

You may review score report dates for all edTPA assessments; see edTPA submission and reporting dates. Additional information about report layouts is available.

Where do I find information regarding condition codes?

Candidates should review the information in their score profiles carefully. The performance description(s) will provide information regarding any condition code(s) assigned. For additional information about condition codes, please review edTPA Submission Requirements and Condition Codes .

Condition Code Detail Reports are also accessible to edTPA score report contacts. The report includes information on any candidates from your institution who participated in edTPA and received a condition code(s) for a scoring rubric(s). A report will be posted for each reporting period where candidate(s) from your program have received condition codes. For additional information, please refer to the edTPA Institution Condition Code Detail Report Layout and/or edTPA State Condition Code Detail Report Layout .