Updated edTPA® Handbook: School Librarian/Library Specialist

As announced in October 2019, SCALE is pleased to release an updated version of the Library Specialist for the 2020–2021 program year. This new version will be called "School Librarian/Library Specialist" and will be in use by candidates after August 25, 2020. Prior to the August 25, 2020, launch, the updated assessment handbook is available in the AACTE edTPA Resource Library Link opens in a new window. for program faculty to preview the assessment handbook, examine the updates, and plan for any potential program changes prior to its consequential use.

Important Note: The current edTPA Library Specialist assessment handbook is being discontinued on August 20, 2020, and is being replaced with the updated edTPA School Librarian/Library Specialist (National) assessment handbook. This new assessment handbook cannot be used in combination with the current assessment handbook.

The changes to the Library Specialist assessment handbook are based on input from a national panel of library educators and consistent with the recently released National School Library Standards (AASL 2018). The framing for the learning segment and the subject-specific rubric foci reflect the Standards and expectations for best practices for school librarians and Library Specialists. In addition, the academic language emphasis in edTPA has been revised to make explicit connections to the Standards, competencies and learner outcomes.