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Score Delays due to Administrative Review

In some cases, the release of a candidate's edTPA results may be delayed as the result of an administrative review. An administrative review may occur for several reasons, including confirmation that a submission meets all requirements and is in compliance with the rules of assessment participation.

Candidates registering for the edTPA assessment acknowledge and agree to the policies governing the edTPA program, including the Rules of Assessment Participation, at the time of registration. Candidates are also required to attest to their adherence to specific program policies at the time of their edTPA portfolio submission. As part of these rules and policies, candidates are advised that failure to comply with the rules, requirements, and policies specified or referenced on the current edTPA website, or if any prohibited actions are taken by the candidate, the candidate's edTPA results may be voided and other actions may be taken by Evaluation Systems, the candidate's educator preparation program, or associated State Agency.

While every effort is made to complete review processes prior to the scheduled results release date for a particular submission, in some circumstances additional time is required to complete the process. When results are delayed pending the administrative review, the goal is resolve such investigations in a timely manner, generally within 60 days of the initial score results release date; however, in some cases the investigation may require additional time to complete. During this period, candidates will not be able to access edTPA results via their account at

Until the outcome of the investigation is complete, in order to protect the privacy of the candidate and the integrity of the results reporting process, detailed information about the basis for the administrative review is not available to candidates or programs. However, once complete, the resolution of the investigation will be confirmed with candidates directly via US Mail and, if appropriate, with the candidate's educator preparation program, and/or associated State Agency.

Compliance with Testing Rules: Originality of Submission

When completing the registration process, candidates agree to abide by the Rules of Assessment Participation. As part of the Rules of Assessment Participation for edTPA, candidates agree to the following with respect to the originality of their submission:

Originality of Submission: I understand that by submitting my edTPA materials, I am confirming that I am the person who has completed the assessment, that I have primary responsibility for teaching the students/class during the learning segment profiled in this assessment, that the video clip(s) submitted show me teaching the students/class profiled, that the student work included in the documentation is that of my students and completed during the learning segment documented in this assessment, that I am the sole author of the commentaries and other written responses to prompts and other requests for information in this assessment, and that I have cited all materials in the assessment whose sources are from published text, the internet, or other educators.

Candidates also attest to the originality of their submissions at the time of submission through the following statements located in the edTPA Submission Attestations document.

As part of the Rules of Assessment Participation, candidates also acknowledge that if their submission does not conform to edTPA policies, rules, and requirements, the submission may not be scored, the score may be voided, and other action, as deemed appropriate by Evaluation Systems, the candidate's reported educator preparation program, and/or the relevant State Agency, may be taken.

Voiding of Scores

If a determination has been made to void a candidate's edTPA results because the originality of the content cannot be confirmed, the candidate will be advised of the void via US Mail. Per the Rules of Assessment Participation, candidates are not eligible for a refund of assessment fees and would be required to register and submit new payment for a future edTPA submission if results are voided.

The educator preparation program claimed by the candidate at the time of registration and submission, to which edTPA results would be released, will also be notified if a candidate's results are voided.


The candidate communication confirming the voiding of results will also contain information describing the process whereby candidates may submit additional information to dispute the voiding of the candidate's edTPA results. Any new information provided will be reviewed in the context of the original determination and appropriate action will be taken to release the candidate's score or uphold the initial determination to void the candidate results.

Information provided by a candidate as part of an appeal of the voiding of his or her results may be shared with the state licensing agency for additional investigation.