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Candidate Policies

Please review the following polices about your participation in edTPA. You will be required to indicate that you have had an opportunity to review them prior to registering and prior to submitting your portfolio.

Please contact us if you have any questions about any of these policies or about the Pearson ePortfolio system.

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Registration Policies
Assessment Fees and Payment Information

Assessment fees:

  • $300 for full assessment or full retake
  • $300 for 3-task retake (Elementary Education only)
  • $200 for 2-task retake
  • $100 for single-task retake

Payment information. Registration fees must be paid using a credit card (VISA or MasterCard only) or a debit or check card that carries the VISA or MasterCard logo and that can be used without the entry of a personal identification number (PIN), and/or with a voucher code supplied by the candidate's educator preparation program. Bank cards without a VISA or MasterCard logo cannot be accepted. The merchant name that will appear on your credit card statement is "Eval Systems Test Fee."

Vouchers. Vouchers may be available through your educator preparation program. Please check with your faculty advisor for information about eligibility requirements.

If you obtain a voucher, you must enter your voucher code into the system during the registration process. Vouchers cannot be applied retroactively to existing registrations.

Payment Policy

If you have any outstanding balance owed for your edTPA registration after the score reporting date associated with the date you submitted your assessment, your scores for that assessment may be permanently voided and therefore not reported to you; to the relevant state agency responsible for educator certification, if applicable; or to any educator preparation program.

The following policies apply to you when you have an outstanding balance for edTPA registration or services:

  • You will be assessed a $20 fee to cover the processing required to clear your account.
  • You will not be allowed to register for future assessments until your balance, which includes the additional fee, is paid in full.
  • Any credits or refunds for which you may be eligible will be applied first to your outstanding debt, with any excess to be returned to you.

If a credit card charge for an edTPA registration or service for you is disputed:

  • You may not be allowed to make any future payments by credit card.
  • You must make your payment to clear your account by cashier's check or money order only.
  • If you attempt to pay for any further services by cashier's check or money order before clearing your account, any payments received will be applied first to your outstanding debt, with any excess applied to the requested services.
Changing Your Registration

If you wish to update your answers to any background question(s) you provided during registration, you may do so through your account at any time before submitting your portfolio up to 18 months after you register.

If you have registered but not yet submitted your assessment for scoring, you may change your assessment content area within the first 30 days of registration by contacting Pearson Customer Support. Any changes made to the assessment area after the 30-day window has expired are subject to the terms outlined in the Withdrawal/Refund policy.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

If you have registered for edTPA, have not yet submitted your assessment for scoring, and would like to withdraw your registration, you may do so by logging in to your account on this website, selecting Current Registrations, then Withdraw, and following the instructions provided.

If you withdraw your registration within 18 months of your registration date, you will receive a partial refund of payment made by you toward your assessment fee, up to: $100 for a full assessment, $90 for a 3-task retake (Elementary Education only), $60 for a 2-task retake, or $30 for a single-task retake. Your refund will be issued by Evaluation Systems within four weeks of your request. If you do not withdraw before the 18-month window has expired, you will not receive a refund or credit of any kind. If you applied a voucher toward your fee when you registered, you will receive no refund or credit of the voucher amount.

Once you withdraw your registration, you will no longer be able to view or edit your portfolio in the Pearson system. If you want to retain a copy of your portfolio, be sure to save your files prior to withdrawing your registration.

Within the first 30 days of registration, you can switch the assessment content area. Please see the "Changing Your Registration" policy for details.

Assessment Policies
Rules of Assessment Participation

edTPA Rules of Assessment Participation


By registering for edTPA, you are agreeing to abide by the current Rules of Assessment Participation for edTPA and all rules, procedures, and policies contained on the current website and/or in the current edTPA Handbook for the content area for which you have registered.

For the purpose of these Rules of Assessment Participation, the following definitions apply:

  • "Evaluation Systems." Evaluation Systems, a business of NCS Pearson, Inc. (referred to throughout as Evaluation Systems).
  • "Program." The educator preparation program in which an edTPA candidate is enrolled as indicated by the candidate at the time of registration.
  • "State Agency." The educator certification agency in any state in which an edTPA candidate is pursuing certification with this assessment.

Rules of Assessment Participation for edTPA

  1. PURPOSE OF ASSESSMENT: I understand that this assessment is administered for the purpose of fulfilling a program requirement and/or a state teacher licensure requirement and is only to be taken by individuals to fulfill such requirement(s). I certify that I am taking this assessment for which I have registered, to fulfill a program requirement or for the purpose of teacher licensure.
  2. ORIGINALITY OF SUBMISSION: I understand that by submitting my edTPA materials, I am confirming that I am the person who has completed the assessment, that I have primary responsibility for teaching the students/class during the learning segment profiled in this assessment, that the video clip(s) submitted show me teaching the students/class profiled, that the student work included in the documentation is that of my students and completed during the learning segment documented in this assessment, that I am the sole author of the commentaries and other written responses to prompts and other requests for information in this assessment, and that I have cited all materials in the assessment whose sources are from published text, the internet, or other educators.
  3. PERMISSIONS AND CONFIDENTIALITY: I understand that I am responsible for obtaining appropriate permissions from the parents/guardians of my students and from adults that appear on the video clip(s) I submit. I agree to produce such permissions if requested after I submit my assessment. I have ensured confidentiality of individuals appearing in the video clip(s) I submit by uploading the video only to the designated Pearson ePortfolio system, an integrated third party edTPA Platform Provider system, or other secure system designated by my program. I understand that I may use my assessment materials according to the parameters of the release forms obtained for children and/or adults who appear in the video. Because parents/guardians and/or adults have not typically granted permission for public use of the videos in which they or their children appear, I will not display videos publicly (i.e., personal websites, YouTube, Facebook) without expressed permission for this purpose from those featured in the video.
  4. ASSESSMENT MATERIALS: I acknowledge that I am not permitted to reproduce or share any of the information or materials from edTPA handbooks or support materials (Making Good Choices or other materials with Stanford copyright) for commercial purposes. If I do reproduce information or materials from the edTPA handbooks or related materials for personal use, I will properly attribute the copyright of such materials to Stanford University.
  5. USE OF ASSESSMENT: I agree that my edTPA submission, including text, graphics, digital files and video or audio recordings, without the use of my name or other identifying information, may be used by Stanford University and/or Evaluation Systems edTPA program development and implementation, including scorer training associated with the program. If I provided consent as part of my response to registration questions, my submission, without use of my name or other identifying information, may also be used for continued edTPA program activities conducted by Stanford University and/or Evaluation Systems such as future validity and reliability studies of the edTPA. Stanford University and Evaluation Systems will not show candidate materials publicly, make them available in a non-secure way, or use them as exemplars for marketing purposes.
  6. SCORE REPORTING AND CANCELLATION: I understand that my results will be reported to me; to the program authorized by me during registration and/or State Agency, if applicable; and to any other institution, entity, or person authorized or required by law to receive this information. edTPA results are anonymously provided to SCALE with candidate responses to registration background questions which address edTPA placement context and demographics of edTPA candidates, including educator preparation program and state affiliation, for the purpose of edTPA assessment analyses and assessment development. edTPA results received by SCALE will not include candidate name or other personally identifying information such as date of birth or partial social security number. I understand that any information provided as part of registration may be used to report scores or to contact me regarding assessment- or program-related issues. Once I submit my assessment, I cannot cancel the scoring or score reporting.
  7. CONFORMITY WITH PROCEDURES: I understand that if my submitted artifacts, videos, and/or related documentation do not conform to the current rules, requirements and policies as specified in the edTPA Assessment Handbook, and the edTPA website, my submission or portions thereof may not be scored, my score may be voided and other actions as described in Rule 11 may be taken as deemed appropriate by Evaluation Systems, my program, and/or State Agency. If my complete submission or portions thereof cannot be scored because it does not conform to requirements, no refund of my fee will be issued, and no portion of my fee can be applied to the cost of any future edTPA registration or associated services. If my submission cannot be scored due to a system error occurring after submission, I will have the opportunity to resubmit my portfolio without paying additional fees. I understand that my submitted assessment materials, or a portion thereof, may be reviewed by authorized individuals at the program in which I am enrolled, as indicated at the time of registration, and/or the relevant State Agency responsible for educator certification in order to investigate compliance with the Rules of Assessment Participation, as needed.
  8. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS REGARDING edTPA: I understand and agree that liability for assessment activities, including but not limited to the adequacy or accuracy of assessment materials, of the registration processes, of scoring, of score reports, of information provided to me in connection with edTPA and the adequacy of protection of candidate information, will be limited to score correction or edTPA retake at no additional fee. I understand and agree that liability for data loss or file corruption associated with my edTPA submission will be limited to an additional edTPA submission at no additional fee. I waive any and all rights to all other claims, specifically including but not limited to claims for negligence arising out of any acts or omissions of Stanford University, Evaluation Systems, and/or the state or program which is requiring completion of the edTPA (including the agents, employees, contractors, or professional advisors of Stanford University, Evaluation Systems, or such entity).
  9. PROGRAM CHANGES: I understand that the edTPA assessment and associated policies and procedures are subject to change at the sole discretion of Stanford University and Evaluation Systems. State Agencies or individual programs may make changes to their policies and requirements related to the edTPA at their discretion.
  10. OBJECTION TO PROCEDURES: If, for any reason, I object to the procedures presented in these Rules of Assessment Participation, I must advise Evaluation Systems, in writing, of the basis of my objection at least six (6) weeks before I plan to register for edTPA for my objection to be taken under consideration. If my objection is not honored, I will not be registered for edTPA.
  11. COMPLIANCE: I understand that if I fail to comply with the rules, requirements, and policies specified or referenced on the current edTPA website, including these Rules of Assessment Participation, or if I take any prohibited actions, my results may be voided, no refund will be issued, no portion of the assessment fee can be applied toward the cost of any future assessment fees, my registration may be canceled, I may be prohibited in the future from registering for edTPA. Legal proceedings and actions may be pursued as well as other remedies deemed appropriate by Evaluation Systems, my program or State Agency, as appropriate. In addition, I understand that assessment fraud may be grounds for denial, revocation and/or suspension of a teaching license.
  12. RULES: I understand that should any of these rules or any other requirement or provision contained on the current website be declared or determined by any court to be illegal or invalid, the remaining rules, requirements, and provisions will not be affected and the illegal or invalid rule, requirement, or provision shall not be deemed a part of the current edTPA website. The headings of each of the Rules of Assessment Participation for edTPA are for convenient reference only. They are not a part of the rules themselves; they do not necessarily reflect the entire subject matter of each rule; and they are not intended to be used for the purpose of modifying, interpreting, or construing any of these Rules of Assessment Participation for edTPA. I agree that any legal action arising in connection with my registration for or participation in edTPA shall be brought in the state and federal courts governing St. Paul, Minnesota, and I consent to the personal jurisdiction of such courts.
Confidentiality Guidelines
Guidelines for video confidentiality for candidates
Confidentiality and Security of Materials
Candidates should review the Confidentiality and Security of edTPA Candidate Materials and Assessment Data .
Video-Recording Permissions

Before you record your classroom instruction, ensure that you have the appropriate permission from the parents/guardians of your students and from adults who appear in the video recording. You should consult with your preparation program for other specific information that may be required in the release form.

The release forms are not to be submitted with your materials, but you should follow your preparation program policy for retaining them.

Translation Requirements

Read the requirements below in order to determine whether or not you must provide an English language translation for the handbook field you are submitting.

  • For World Language and Classical Languages, no translation is required.
  • For Elementary Literacy, Elementary Mathematics, and Elementary Education (combined Literacy and Mathematics tasks), no translation is required if the language of instruction is Spanish.
  • For Special Education with a specialty area of Deaf and Hearing Impaired, no translation is required if the language of instruction is American Sign Language.
  • For English as an Additional Language, translations are necessary only when highlighting key exchanges that reveal students' content understandings and/or language proficiency. Translations do not need to be a full transcript and can be provided within the commentary and noted with video clip time-stamps.
  • For all other subject area edTPA submissions, the use of a language other than English requires a translation for video, instructional materials, etc.

Note: Materials that must be translated into English should be added to the original materials as part of the same file or, if applicable, to the end of the commentary template. There is no page limit for required translations into English.

For additional information, please refer to your assessment handbook.

Submission Requirements and Condition Codes
Candidates must review the edTPA Submission Requirements and Condition Codes before beginning to create their edTPA assessment submission.
Submission Attestations

When you have completed your work and are ready to submit your portfolio, you will be required to consent to the following set of submission agreements:

Retake Policy

Options. Candidates who do not meet their educator preparation program or state requirement may retake the assessment by choosing one the following options:

  • retaking the full assessment: $300 retake fee
  • retaking 3 tasks (Elementary Education only): $300 retake fee
  • retaking 2 tasks: $200 retake fee
  • retaking a single task: $100 retake fee

Candidates should consult with their faculty advisor before proceeding with a retake and can find important information in Guidelines for edTPA Retake Decision-making and Support .

Before registering, candidates should review the Instructions for edTPA Retake . This guide contains important registration and submission information.

Retake limits. While there is no national limit to the number of retakes possible, there may be state- or educator preparation program-level limits on retakes. Review the edTPA guidelines for your state for additional information about retakes, if available.

A candidate can register for only one retake at a time (either full-assessment retake or partial retake). Candidates must wait to receive scores from their last submission before they can register for another retake.

Score void. If edTPA scores were voided as a final determination of the administrative review process, a candidate will submit a full assessment retake to receive scores for the fulfillment of program and/or state requirements. Review the guidance provided in the Instructions for edTPA Retake .

Registration. To register to retake edTPA, go to the Candidates / Register page and follow the instructions provided.

Submission and Reporting Dates

edTPA scores are released according to the following schedules:

Score Reporting Policies
Reporting of Assessment Results
Your assessment results are reported to you and to any educator preparation program or state agency that you indicated as a score recipient when you registered. If required by state policy, your results are also reported directly to the state associated with your educator preparation program selection.
Administrative Review

Administrative Review

Candidates registering for the edTPA assessment acknowledge and agree to the policies governing the edTPA program, including the Rules of Assessment Participation, at the time of registration. Candidates are also required to attest to their adherence to specific program policies at the time of their edTPA portfolio submission. As part of these rules and policies, candidates are advised that failure to comply with the rules, requirements, and policies specified or referenced on the current edTPA website, the candidate's edTPA results may be voided and other actions may be taken by Evaluation Systems, the candidate's educator preparation program, or associated State Agency.

During official scoring, portions of a candidate's submitted materials are screened for originality by official scorers and detection software. Portfolios are identified for Administrative Review if screening indicates a match of identical or similar language with other sources. Screening for each subject area includes analysis of matched language across any and all source(s), including previously submitted portfolios.

Once under Administrative Review, portfolios undergo an analysis by multiple reviewers. At the conclusion of the Administrative Review, if the reviewers are unable to confirm the originality of any part of the submission, all scores related to the portfolio under review will be voided.

If the final decision is to release the scores, the candidate will be contacted and told when the score report will be available for viewing in his/her account. In some cases, the candidate may receive a letter indicating that materials demonstrate a possible violation of the Rules of Assessment Participation and cautioning the candidate to comply with edTPA assessment rules in the future.

Prior to the voiding the scores, candidates are given an opportunity to provide information, other than the portfolio materials submitted for official scoring, that may support the originality of the candidate's submitted materials. After reviewing information provided by the candidate and after considering the final recommendation of the Administrative Review committee, Evaluation Systems or the state authority may determine to either exit the portfolio from Administrative Review to proceed to official score reporting or to void all scores related to that submission.

Information provided by a candidate as part of an appeal may be shared with the state licensing agency and/or Educator Preparation Program for additional investigation.

Score Delays

The originality checking process is instigated at the time of candidate submission, and screening and additional manual reviews are scheduled to occur prior to the release of scores for any given edTPA results release date. In the event that the Administrative Review process is not complete by the scheduled score release date, the scores associated with the submission(s) under investigation will be held until the review is complete. In order to protect the privacy of the candidate and the integrity of the results reporting process, detailed information about the basis for the administrative review is not available to candidates or programs during this time.

Queries related to Administrative Review status can be directed to the Office of Assessment Practice at

Voiding of Scores

Voiding of Scores

If edTPA scores were voided as a final determination of the administrative review process, the candidate will be advised of the score void via email. Per the Rules of Assessment Participation, candidates are not eligible for a refund of assessment fees and would be required to register and submit new payment for a future edTPA full assessment retake submission if results are voided.

The State Agency and the educator preparation program claimed by the candidate at the time of registration and submission, to which edTPA results would be released, will also be notified if a candidate's results are voided. The flagged and source materials that were reviewed as part of the investigation may also be provided to the relevant state agency depending on state policy.

Candidates may review the edTPA Retake Policy and find important information in Guidelines for edTPA Retake Decision-making and Support . Before registering, candidates should review the Instructions for edTPA Retake . This guide contains important registration and submission information on the edTPA retake process.

Queries related to Administrative Review status can be directed to the Office of Assessment Practice at