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Requesting Alternative Arrangements due to a Diagnosed Disability

Alternative arrangements that are reasonable in the context of edTPA and supported by documentation may be provided for candidates who would not be able to complete edTPA under standard conditions, including examinees with diagnosed disabilities.

All edTPA candidates are required to attest to the originality of their material at the time of submission, including confirming sole authorship of commentaries and other written responses, and appropriate citation of sources. However, this is not intended to preclude candidates from using assistive technology or other supports to physically produce the materials they author. Therefore, it is acceptable for a candidate to use screen reading software and/or a scribe to complete required edTPA documents. Notification of such arrangements in advance is not required because they do not impact the submission and scoring process (provided the candidate is able to attest to the originality of his or her submission).

If you wish to request alternative arrangements for edTPA, contact Customer Support at (866) 565-4872 (toll free, US and Canada only) to discuss your request. Please be aware that because of the nature of edTPA, alternative arrangements that might be provided for other standardized licensure or certification tests may not be appropriate for edTPA (e.g., extra time). After you have discussed your request, you will be instructed to submit a letter detailing your specific requests for alternative arrangements and supporting documentation (see Required Documentation) to Pearson for review.

All timely and complete alternative arrangements requests and accompanying documentation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis upon receipt.

Some alternative arrangements have specialized production requirements associated with them. Although every effort is made to process all requests in a timely manner, the earlier you submit your request, the more time will be available for specialized production, if needed.

If you are seeking initial teacher licensure in Illinois, please contact for guidance and instructions for submitting an alternative to video evidence.

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