Requesting a Score Confirmation

edTPA Scoring Process

All edTPA assessments are scored according to standardized procedures by qualified scorers. Scorers include teacher educators and qualified teachers and administrators who are recruited and selected because of their documented experience teaching, supporting beginning teachers and subject-matter knowledge. Each scorer participates in rigorous training to become qualified as an edTPA scorer. The scorers are carefully monitored during scoring activities to maintain high quality and consistency in scoring across portfolios.

Score Confirmation Service

If you believe your score on one or more rubrics was reported in error, you may request a score confirmation. There is a fee for this service. The score confirmation process will take place within 60 calendar days of the receipt of the request. You will be mailed the results of the score confirmation:

  • If the score confirmation process results in a score alteration (either higher or lower than originally reported), you will be issued a corrected Score Profile, the score confirmation fee will be refunded, and your records will be updated.
  • If the original score is confirmed as a result of the score confirmation process, you will be sent a letter indicating that your score has been confirmed, and the score confirmation fee will not be refunded.
  • Please note that only one score confirmation request is permitted per submission and requests received after the initial score confirmation request will not be honored.

Note: Score confirmation can be requested only when a numeric score has been assigned to all rubrics. If your edTPA materials do not meet the edTPA Submission Requirements PDF Document. , your Score Profile will include an associated Condition Code on one or more rubrics. A Condition Code on your Score Profile indicates that the designated rubric(s) are unscorable (because of problems with submitted materials) and therefore not eligible for score confirmation.

Requesting a Score Confirmation

A request to confirm your assessment score can be submitted online using the Score Confirmation Request Form. You must submit your request for this service within 60 calendar days of the score reporting date. The score confirmation service fee is $200 and must be paid using a credit card (VISA or MasterCard only) or a debit or check card that carries the VISA or MasterCard logo and that can be used without the entry of a personal identification number (PIN).

The score confirmation service is not available for Illinois candidates. Candidates who do not meet the Illinois approved performance requirement may retake the assessment by choosing one of the edTPA retake options available.

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