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Getting Started

1. Learn About edTPA

These resources are intended for use by candidates who are completing edTPA, and provide considerations for candidates as they plan their learning segment, prepare to video record their teaching, and assess their students.

Learn about registering, building your portfolio, and submitting it for scoring.

2. Review Your Requirements

3. Review Candidate Policies

4. Review Online Training and Support

  • Review the candidate webinars for an introduction to edTPA and a walk-through of each task's requirements and associated rubrics.
  • Access online training for using the Pearson ePortfolio system.

5. Identify Your Portfolio System

All candidates register here, at Some candidates will continue on this site and build their portfolio here, while other candidates will build their portfolio on another portfolio system currently in use at their educator preparation program. Which portfolio system should I use more information

6. Review the Submission and Reporting Dates

Candidates should submit their portfolio based on due dates established by their preparation program or licensure requirement. Review the edTPA submission and reporting dates for details.

7. Register for edTPA

8. Access Your edTPA Handbook

Candidates will access the required assessment handbooks and templates via their educator preparation program, and will also be able to download these materials in the portfolio system they use to build their portfolios.

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