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edTPA for Georgia

Candidates in the state of Georgia will be required to supply a registration eligibility code when they register for edTPA. This eligibility code is made available to candidates through their State of Georgia "MyPSC Account" link opens in a new window. Codes are available for each candidate to use for a specific assessment and educator preparation program.


For more information about teacher licensure and edTPA in Georgia, visit link opens in a new window.

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission has established an edTPA passing standard for the next three years. View the memo PDF document from Kelly Henson, GAPSC Executive Secretary regarding the edTPA standard setting decision.

Assessment Areas for Georgia

The table below matches initial teaching fields with the Georgia-selected edTPA assessments and established cutscore(s). Candidates should confirm assessment selection with their faculty advisor before registering.

Teaching Certification FieldsedTPA HandbookPassing Score
Agricultural Education (6–12)Agricultural Education38
Art Education (P–12)Visual Arts38
Behavioral ScienceSecondary History/Social Studies38
Biology (6–12)Secondary Science38
Birth through KindergartenEarly Childhood (ages 3–8)38
Business Education (6–12)Business Education38
Chemistry (6–12)Secondary Science38
Dance (P–12)K–12 Performing Arts38
Drama (P–12)K–12 Performing Arts38
Early Childhood Education (P–5)Elementary Education: Literacy with Mathematics Task 445
Earth/Space Science (6–12)Secondary Science38
Economics (6–12)Secondary History/Social Studies38
Engineering and Technology EducationTechnology and Engineering Education38
English (6–12)Secondary English38
English to Speakers of Other Languages (P–12)English as an Additional Language38
Family and Consumer Sciences Education (6–12)Family and Consumer Science38
Geography (6–12)Secondary History/Social Studies38
Health EducationHealth Education38
Healthcare Science Technology Education / Health Occupations (6–12)At this time, there is no edTPA available for this field.
Health and Physical Education (P–12)Physical Education or Health Education38
History (6–12)Secondary History/Social Studies38
Marketing Education (6–12)Business Education38
MathematicsSecondary Mathematics38
Middle Grades English Language ArtsMiddle Childhood English–Language Arts38
Middle Grades MathematicsMiddle Childhood Mathematics38
Middle Grades ScienceMiddle Childhood Science38
Middle Grades ReadingMiddle Childhood English–Language Arts38
Middle Grades Social SciencesMiddle Childhood History/Social Studies38
Music (P–12)K–12 Performing Arts38
Physics (6–12)Secondary Science38
Political Science (6–12)Secondary History/Social Studies38
Reading (P–12)At this time, there is no edTPA available for this field.
Science (6–12)Secondary Science38
Speech EducationAt this time, there is no edTPA available for this field.
Trade and Industrial Education
  • Architectural Drawing and Design
  • Audio/Video Technology & Film
  • Automotive Service Technology
  • Aviation
  • Barbering
  • Collision Repair
  • Construction
  • Cosmetology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Electronics Technology
  • Esthetics
  • Granite Technology
  • Graphic Communication & Design
  • Information Technology
  • Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps (JROTC)
  • Manufacturing and Engineering Sciences
  • Marine Service Technology
  • Nails
  • Precision Machine Technology
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
  • Sheet Metal
  • Welding Technology
At this time, there is no edTPA available for these fields.
Special Education
  • Academic Content Concentrations
  • Adapted Curriculum (P–12) Consultative
  • General Curriculum (P–12) Consultative
  • Behavior Disorders (P–12) Consultative
  • Deaf Education (P–12) Consultative
  • Learning Disabilities (P–12) Consultative
  • Physical and Health Disabilities Consultative
  • Visual Impairment (P–12) Consultative
Special Education38
Sped General Curriculum/Early Childhood Education (P–5)Elementary Education: Literacy with Mathematics Task 445
Special Education Preschool (Ages 3–5) Consultative Special Education38
Foreign Language
  • Arabic (P–12)
  • American Sign Language (P–12)
  • Chinese—Mandarin (P–12)
  • French (P–12)
  • German (P–12)
  • Hebrew (P–12)
  • Italian (P–12)
  • Japanese (P–12)
  • Korean (P–12)
  • Portuguese (P–12)
  • Russian (P–12)
  • Spanish (P–12)
  • Swahili (P–12)
  • Farsi (P–12)
  • Hindi (P–12)
  • Urdu (P–12)
  • Turkish (P–12)
World Language32
Foreign Language
  • Greek – (P–12)
  • Latin (P–12)
Classical Languages32

Passing Scores for Georgia

The Georgia edTPA Standard Setting Committee, consisting of EPP faculty and P–12 teachers and leaders, recommended a passing standard of 38, which is -1/2 Standard Error of Measurement (SEM) below the national edTPA recommendation of 45. The lowest score set by any state so far is 35, which is -1 SEM below the national recommendation. This score, 35, is -1/2 SEM below the Georgia standard setting committee recommendation. It was important to the Commission to give candidates, EPPs, and P–12 partners time to build capacity for achieving the Georgia standard setting committee recommendation.

The following table represents the Georgia Professional Standards Commission's decision on the edTPA passing score:

Date Range 13-Rubric Fields
(65 Possible)
15-Rubric Fields
(75 Possible)
18-Rubric Fields
(90 Possible)
9/1/2015–8/31/2016 29 35 42
9/1/2016–8/31/2017 29 35 42
9/1/2017 and beyond 32 38 45

Your handbook selection should be aligned with your clinical experience. Please call or contact your state office of educator licensing for specific details.

Georgia Professional Standards Commission link opens in a new window

For additional information regarding edTPA state policies, please review AACTE's state participation information. link opens in a new window